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“Science is awesome, that is all”.

The Rendezvous. A story about growing up in the universe.

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The importance of stupidity.

I recently saw an old friend for the first time in many years. We had been Ph.D. students at the same time, both studying science, although in different areas. She later dropped out of graduate school, went to Harvard Law School and is now a senior lawyer for a major environmental organization. At some point, the conversation turned to why she had left graduate school. To my utter astonishment, she said it was because it made her feel stupid. After a couple of years of feeling stupid every day, she was ready to do something else.

I had thought of her as one of the brightest people I knew and her subsequent career supports that view. What she said bothered me. I kept thinking about it; sometime the next day, it hit me. Science makes me feel stupid too. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to it. So used to it, in fact, that I actively seek out new opportunities to feel stupid. I wouldn’t know what to do without that feeling. I even think it’s supposed to be this way. Let me explain. (read more).

A great article by Martin Schwartz on what makes research both scary and downright wonderful.

Infinite bacon! For the mathematician who appreciates meat products.

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How to know if you are what is wrong with this world.

For the record, I’m inclined to agree.

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