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Scientific result: 1 in 4 cats gave zero f***s #funny

This would make an awesome slide on the subject of data interpretation (for college level anyway).


By Maki Naro, from Scie-nce.org

Favourite candy for Halloween. Here is some kid derived raw data.

Hmmm… interesting…

Venn Diagram of Facial Hair

By Tim Easley (flickr link), via Hey Oscar Wilde!.

When Bar Graphs are Suspicious.

Via i.imgur.com.

“Sperm + Egg = Me” Venn Diagram

By Khang Nguyen Tuan (Hat tip to Hey Oscar Wilde).

Karaoke Venn Diagram

By Tan Nuyen, via Flickr. (Hat tip to Hey Oscar Wilde)

Have to say that I LOVE this Death Star Venn Diagram.

By Glennz Tees.

Axes of Evil (a.k.a. Evil data graphed).

From Incidental Comics, via boingboing.net.

Van Diagram. #funny

The “Is this pretty much the roundest thing you’ve ever seen?” pie chart.

Unit of measurement: The Ton of Sh*t

Percentage of chart which resembles Pac-man. A classic.

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