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I so want to make one of these! Cellular miniature golf.

Specifically, what if a bunch of us sciencegeeks at UBC agree to make a few. AND THEN WE WOULD HAVE A WHOLE SCIENCEGEEK MINIGOLF COURSE!


Also this:

By NYC Resistor, via Thinx

Yes, there is a dinosaur in my microscope slide. #seriously


Via (by?) @aukeappelman

Self Portraits drawn showing the progression of Alzheimer’s: The art of science at its harrowing best.








By William Utermohlen, via New York Times.

Gorgeous botanical cellular drawings by Vivien Martineau. I could stare at these for days…

leaf structure better



plant cell tweaked 600

By Vivien Martineau.

Lovely science-y images by Rachel Ignotofsky

This stuff makes me smile…

flower antomy by rachel ignotofsky your brian in loveby rachel ignotofsky LAB EQUIPMENT by rachel ignotofsky_905 il_570xN.527284762_rw7k

By Rachel Ignotofsky, via Fresh Photons.

Cell as a Death Star like entity (with mini virus spaceship in the mix). Awesome science illustration by Glen McBeth

* I wonder if he’s illustrated a card game before… (We do have a Darwin themed deck to work on)


By Glen McBeth (also check out his awesome blog).

The gamete inspired wooden spoon: note that no gonads were harmed in its making


By Terry Widner, via Thinx.

The intracellular cell phone


By Harantula, via IFLS

Human tissue samples reworked as digital mandalas #strangelybeautiful





By Mieke Geenen, via Stacey Thinx

In which Minecraft is used to create a working neuron. #whoa


Here is a close-up of the voltage-gated Sodium Channel…


By AllUpInHyuh. See details here (click – this is very cool).

If cells could be character actors.





By Mahendra Nazar, via Thinx

A very funny stem cell cartoon from Bizarro


By Bizarro.

Sciencegeek Advent Calendar Extravaganza! – Day 20


Animated gifs of epithelial cells doing the mitosis

                    mit04 mit03

                    mit02 mit01

From Infinity Imagined, via Fresh Photons. (Source:MICROSCOPYU.COM)

Just staring at this makes me think about the brilliance of nature. Just consider the complexity of what’s going on during mitosis – you have a genome, compartmentalized with chromosomes, doubling. Then, you have a perfect splitting of the two copies into two separate cells!

That’s like having a group of people in a room, then somehow making copies of all of them, and then getting them to split perfectly into two groups, so that one set of them can move (in an orderly fashion) to another room entirely. But now imagine doing that blindfolded, and without being able to utter a sound to each other, and essentially getting this done solely on the basis of touch. Wondrous…

(see more of Popperfont’s Sciencegeek Advent Calendar Extravanganza here)

Beautiful illustrations by Victo Ngai #environment #cancer #wow

Man, the rest of Victo’s work is amazing. Definitely worth checking out.

Nehemiah Grew breathtaking 1600s artwork of the inner workings of plants.

More on Nehemiah Grew. Via The Public Domain Review.

Genes to Cells cover has cats doing the mitotic spindle on it!

Via Fresh Photons.

Cellular Generation and Intracellular Diversion: the paintings

By Regina Valluzzi. Available for purchase here and here (via Fresh Photons)

“If something bores you, dig deeper.” Wise words in the case of cell theory, and science history generally..

Brilliant TEDEd animation on the origins of cell theory, which also stands as a lively reminder of how wonderful science history can be.

It’s a Lucky Thing for Stem-Cell Research that the Following Passages aren’t in the Bible.


The petri plate is the work of Satan. How does God know what a petri plate is in this ancient time before the advent of scientific achievement? It is because he’s God, which is really handy for that sort of thing.

Go forth my children and use the word “embryo” whenever you can. It is a very pleasant-sounding word—say it as often as possible. In fact, my children, try this: point to anything and everything and say, “That’s an embryo.”

Mary tells us, “When a sperm and an egg come together, it represents the ultimate act of compassion and love. Therefore, it is a grievous sin to do studies on this type of thing. Plus, it’s also kind of private.”

The Lord says that our precious hearts and minds represent flesh of enormous piety. They should never be regenerated, regardless of the circumstances. While we’re at it, we should also never regenerate eyebrows, nosehairs, or nipples — although the Lord figures that that is a given anyway.

For people who have had an accident and have lost the use of their legs, it is not the way of the Lord to try to fix this pain. Instead, God will tell them, “That’s too bad.” Then he will likely tell them a good joke to make them feel better.

And Jesus said, “Liquid nitrogen is evil. Once, while playing with it, I froze my finger solid and it actually broke off. Lucky for me I’m the Son of God, and I can just grow another one.”

I wrote this back in 2005, and originally published at McSweeney’s.

Furniture: the “Mutation” series. Maybe furniture for the cancer institutes of the world?

“Each piece in the Mutation series is made from foam spheres, cut so they fit together, attached to a frame and coated in rubber or flocked.”

By Maarten De Ceulaer.

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