In which North Carolina attempts to make sea level rises illegal. (Or let’s make climate change against the law)

by David Ng

This is breathtaking in its stupidity. Below: Replacement House Bill 819, section 2, paragraph e.

Read the full story at Scott Huler’s epic takedown, but here’s a small taste:

“There is virtually universal agreement among scientists that the sea will probably rise a good meter or more before the end of the century, wreaking havoc in low-lying coastal counties. So the members of the developers’ lobbying group NC-20 say the sea will rise only 8 inches, because … because … well, SHUT UP, that’s because why.

That is, the meter or so of sea level rise predicted for the NC Coastal Resources Commission by a state-appointed board of scientists is extremely inconvenient for counties along the coast. So the NC-20 types have decided that we can escape sea level rise – in North Carolina, anyhow – by making it against the law.”