“I would make voting more difficult, not less so.” Wise words from Pete McMartin #bcpoli @VancouverSun

by David Ng

Nicely put by Pete McMartin

“… I would make voting more difficult, not less so, given the sacrifices that have been made to ensure we have that right.

Voting is a bequeathment, not a birthright, and it shouldn’t be seen as an inconvenience to be rectified by iPhone.

It needs defending, not diluting. It needs to be celebrated — not in the flag-waving way of government flackery, but in the hard-eyed way that reminds us how rare and privileged a thing it is.

As for those who were either too lazy, too busy, too complacent or too dissatisfied with the process, or who were so sophomorically cynical about politicians and politics that they couldn’t or wouldn’t get themselves down to a polling station, they should be ashamed of themselves.

There’s a problem with our voting system, all right.

It’s them.”

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