The “I’m at a science conference at the product displays, and I want to see how much free stuff I can get” game.


The below is a point sheet I occasionally  use for my molecular biology class.  Essentially, if the timing is right, there might be one of those large scientific equipment/product showcases on campus, and if so, it’s always fun to let loose a pack of graduate students hungry for free geek-related swag.  Note that this only works if you happen to have an hour or so, in between lab steps.

It’s quite funny to see this game in action (it has a real Amazing Race vibe to it), because if you get students who are in the zone, you’ll be surprised at how much cool stuff they get.  Especially, since these trade shows seem to get stingier and stingier each year.  Interesting sidebar:  this use to be an annual activity given that UBC’s big scientific trade show consistently fell on our class day.  However, there was this one year where the class haul was simply unreal, incredible, a bit offensive really and funny thing – the trade show dates were changed the following year. Anyway, I’ve always wondered if the move had anything to do with our silly game…


You can download a pdf of the sheet here

The gamete inspired wooden spoon: note that no gonads were harmed in its making


By Terry Widner, via Thinx.

“I would make voting more difficult, not less so.” Wise words from Pete McMartin #bcpoli @VancouverSun

Nicely put by Pete McMartin

“… I would make voting more difficult, not less so, given the sacrifices that have been made to ensure we have that right.

Voting is a bequeathment, not a birthright, and it shouldn’t be seen as an inconvenience to be rectified by iPhone.

It needs defending, not diluting. It needs to be celebrated — not in the flag-waving way of government flackery, but in the hard-eyed way that reminds us how rare and privileged a thing it is.

As for those who were either too lazy, too busy, too complacent or too dissatisfied with the process, or who were so sophomorically cynical about politicians and politics that they couldn’t or wouldn’t get themselves down to a polling station, they should be ashamed of themselves.

There’s a problem with our voting system, all right.

It’s them.”

Read the whole thing here.

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