Here is a song I wrote about that buzz you get when you meet folks who speak your (scientific) language, jargon and all. #scio13

by David Ng

Just an old demo, but kind of nice.

Essentially, it started with a challenge of giving me strange technical terms that I would have to incorporate into a song. The words that immediately came back included Epiglottis, Flagella, Dictyostelium, Homo erectus, and Phthalates.

And so, I went ahead and wrote something pretty quick about how sometimes it’s kind of wonderful to revel in jargon, especially when you’re nattering on with your scientific peers. In some ways, I kind of feel like it’s my own unofficial theme song to the ScienceOnline2013 conference coming up in January. This is my tribe – we talk science, and we love it.

Play above or here is the mp3 to check out, and lyrics reprinted below.

One of these days, I’ll have to re-record a second take (sound levels are very low), and maybe with a capo on the second fret to move it up vocally a bit. Also, you may notice that the word Phthalate didn’t make the song – that was more because I didn’t know how to pronounce it! If you let me know how to say it properly, maybe I’ll write a song just about that.


I notice something today
About the way you talk in jargon fueled ways

It’s those crazy words that you say
That make me realize about your jargon fueled ways

Those things you sing to me acapella
Like dictyostelium and flagella
You shout out stuff like homo erectus
Always great to hear epiglottis

So when you think you will say
The sort of things in your own jargon fueled way

And let’s just say it’s o.k.
That I kind of love your jargon fueled ways.