The Shark Week Drinking Game

by David Ng

For your Shark Week viewing pleasure…

1. Anytime someone is referred to as a “Shark Expert.” – 2 sips.

2. Begin drinking when any shark becomes airborn, don’t stop until it is all the way back in the water.

3. Anyone speaks with an Australian accent. – 1 sip.

4. Someone gives advice on how to survive a shark attack. – 2 sips.

5. Anytime you hear the Jaws theme music. – 3 sips.

6. Reenactment of an attack. – 2 sips.

7. Someone dies – finish your drink in their honor.

8. Anyone gets submerged in a steel cage. – 3 sips.

9. You see a shark caught or trapped. – 2 sips.

This is brilliant! From IFLS