I…am…Scientist…Asian…Rockstar… (O.K. maybe not a rockstar). What science subject should I write my next song about?

by David Ng

Yes, it’s true! In my younger days, I had many a futile dream of being a rockstar in a rock band. Nowadays, I live this dream vicariously with the odd song (poorly) written and recorded for science’s sake. Generally, this is done as a challenge, whereupon I make the comments section a place for suggestions.

For example, below is a song I had to put together because someone threw in the word “mitochondria.”

Here is the mp3 for your listening pleasure (best with headphones) – just click below to listen.

Floating round in a cell,
making A T P
In your own kind of hell
in the cytoplasmic sea

You got own DNA
Came maternally
Never sure how you stayed

Mitochondria, Mitochondria, Mitochondria, Mitochondria
Mitochondria, Mitochondria, Mitochondria, Mitochondria

Inner membrane, oxidation, many cristae, metabolism
Electron transportation chain!


Anyway, enough with the organelle talk – leave some suggestions below and I’ll do my best to have something written within 2 to 3 weeks.