Here is a quick version of the scientific method: aside from the problematic diction, does it still work?

by David Ng

I just banged this out. I know it’s not the clearest (it’s not necessarily meant to be), but does it still more or less fit?

1. seeing stuff,

2. thinking (hard) about the stuff you’ve seen (see 1),

3. testing the thinking you’ve done about stuff you’ve seen (see 2),

4. seeing new stuff that your test shows, remembering that this is the test that tests the thinking you’ve done about old stuff you’ve seen (see 3),

5. asking your smart friends what they think about the new stuff from the test (see 4)

6. does this new stuff change how you think about the old stuff you’ve seen (if yes, go back to 2 but think harder; if no then go back to 3 and test harder).