Visit Vancouver: enjoy the scenery, and (oh yeah) enjoy learning molecular biology. July 28 – Aug 1st workshop. Please RT

by David Ng

I’d also like to point out that all fees go towards our various public outreach programs, so even if you’re not interested in attending, it would be totally cool if you could share this with others that may be so inclined.

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July 28th to August 1st, 2014 (CAN$1400) – poster pdf

DESCRIPTION:This intense 5 day workshop will focus on a myriad of different techniques used in the molecular manipulation of DNA, RNA and protein, as well as inclusion of lectures of high throughput genomic techniques. Primarily aimed at researchers who are new to the area, familiar but require a quick updating, or would like more practical bench training.

Hands on techniques covered include: Various nucleic acid purification methodologies (silica bead, organic, and/or pI based), restriction digests, ligations, dephosphorylation assays, agarose gel electrophoresis, transformation (including electroporation), PCR, reverse transcriptase assay, real time qPCR, SDS-PAGE,Western blot analysis, Isoelectric focusing strips, and 2D protein gels. Lectures on next-gen sequencing, SNPs, microarrays, bioinformatic tools.

To register or inquire about the workshop, please contact Dr. David Ng at or 604-822-6264. More information can be found at


“Really good workshop!! Dave really does an amazing job explaining all different laboratory experiments and the theories behind them. The workshop gives a very good overview from both a theoretical and practical point of view of the main molecular biology protocols and procedures. Very good to refresh general concepts if you have experience, or to gain exposure if you are not familiar with molecular biology.”
Jose Damon Urbez Torres, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

“It is a very informative workshop with balanced theoretical and practical sections. The environment is a great combination of serious/fun/relax which suited me very well. GREAT JOB!”
Silvia Heredia, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Botany, University of British Columbia.

“Loved this workshop! I came with very little background and experience with these technologies, and found myself gaining a thorough and comprehensive understanding of key methods that are 100% relevant to my current field of research. The instruction was engaging and digestable. Lectures were provided in an efficient manner. Dave Ng makes molecular methods… magical (I was going for alliteration)!”
Kaylee Byers, Ph.D. Student, Vancouver Rat Project, University of British Columbia

“Good review of the basic chemistries of molecular techniques and why they work. Great enthusiasm and entertaining instruction by Dave. An ‘A’ Grade for the workshop.”
Emily Fuerst, Scientist, Kemin Life Science

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