Fake but very detailed scientific paper on the molecular mechanisms responsible for the Incredibles’ superpowers.

by David Ng


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We demonstrated that the presence of superpower (SP) protein cleavage is responsible for the diversity of superpowers in a tissues-specific manner within The Incredibles family. This cleavage event produces two fragments, 135 kDa and 85 kDa, without a loss of peptide, as confirmed by Edman degradation. We speculate that the 85 kDa protein fragment is involved in the generation of superpower.

Annika Sun, Deborah Chen et al. “Cleavage of superpower protein determines the superpower phenotype in a tissue-dependent manner: How Incredible!” (2013) JOURNAL OF SUPERHERO RESEARCH. Vol 13 Vol 547. pp328-3332 doi:23.1724/SR20130328

Full text via the Science Creative Quarterly