This is my son practicing the Imperial March on the piano: A prelude for me going to @VCON and doing the science thing.

by David Ng

The best part is that his piano teacher has said he can wear the helmut during the Christmas concert performance, but only if he can play it perfectly with it on.

This is just a heads up that I will be going to VCON 2012, which is tagged as “Vancouver’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention.” I’ll be there as one of the invited scientists and will be participating in a number of panels this Friday and Saturday. This is my second year going, and it was such a blast last time – it’s not often I get to exercise my science chops in such a creative setting. Besides, it’s also a nice bonus to go to a conference where it’s not unusual to see a stormtrooper (or two) pass you in the hallway.

As well, the camaraderie of the community is pretty cool. It’s quite refreshing to see folks who are so completely at ease with the things that inspire them, even if these things may be thought of as unconventional to others. Really now, we could all learn quite a lot from that kind of attitude.

Anyway, if you’re going to be at VCON yourself, do say hello (or hello via twitter @ng_dave). And then ask me a crazy (sci-fi/fantasy) science question – and I’ll do my best to provide you with an answer that I think could fit the ever important (for me anyway) validity criteria.

p.s. I’ll also bring one of these decks along. Would be great if there are a few avid gamers who could test it out.