William’s Ecological Footprint: an attempt at an environmental children’s book

by David Ng


A few years ago, for fun, I took a course on “Writing Books for Children.” It was pretty good, in that it kind of forced me to sit down and come up and work through an idea. Or at least, work through it enough so that it was close to the stage of becoming a proper idea.

My friends already know that children’s books have always fascinated me, especially with two young children in my own household. It’s probably why I’ve written about it on occasion in other places. There’s something altogether amazing when you read a great children’s book to your kids, especially so (for me anyway) when the book has some science in it.

Anyway, shown below is a slideshow of my book idea. It’s basically about a group of animals marvelling at their habitats, considering their own “footprints” so to speak. Then, of course, there’s a bit where they meet a human: whereby the idea of a footprint becomes grossly different.

Apologies for the simplistic art, but I am curious about what you think of the book conceptually. One day, I might even try to edit and tighten it up, so as to submit it somewhere. Although, to be honest, I’m not sure if the idea is good enough and (as the case may be) I’m not even entirely sure where best to send such queries. Still, take a peek, and send on some feedback – it’ll be much appreciated.

(two page spread)

(two page spread)