Keep Calm and Carry a Pipetteman. Molecular Biology Workshop Game On! Please RT

by David Ng

As usual, my lab will be hosting a professional workshop for those in need of a molecular biology updating; or for those who are new to the area and need a quick (and intensive) course on the subject. The 5 days do include both hands on and lecture style elements, and it’s also an excuse to come to beautiful Vancouver.

Also, don’t forget that all revenue from this workshop goes towards our public science outreach programs (like our fieldtrips, science writing, phylomon, etc – see

I’d thought I’d include the notice in my blog, because I had a bit of graphic design fun with our poster. Maybe this is even geeky enough to consider turning into a tshirt?

Anyway, if you’re a scientist (or not – we’ve had some lawyers and an economist attend before), and you need some highly recommended molecular biology training, please do follow the link at the bottom, and maybe I’ll see you in July!

(Click here to download pdf poster)

To inquire about registration, please contact Dr. David Ng at

Dates: July 23rd to July 27th, 2012 (5 days: Monday to Friday)
Price: CAN$1400 (does not include room or board)

Reviews and Testimonies can be found here.


DESCRIPTION: Updated for 2012: This intense 5 day workshop will focus on a myriad of different techniques used in the molecular manipulation of DNA (general cloning, transformation, silica kits, pI kits, PCR, qPCR), RNA (isolation, reverse transcription) and protein (SDS-PAGE, 2D gels), as well as inclusion of exercises in some basic bioinformatics tools. Primarily aimed at researchers who are new to the area, familiar but require a quick updating, or would like more practical bench training.

For full details, please see here.