Wouldn’t it be great if Richard Scarry was still around to do a new Busytown book on science or sustainability?

by David Ng

A while back, I was playing with my kids and having fun with the Find Lowly Worm game that seems to be a rite of passage when looking through a Richard Scarry picture book.

Anyway, in our edition of “What Do People Do All Day?” I was amused by a substantial 4 page spread about coal as a source of energy (titled Digging coal to make electricity work for us). I guess it got me thinking that wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a similar children’s book produced that can have the same degree of cultural prevalence, but also includes graphics looking at energy alternatives like wind, solar, wave, hydro, nuclear, etc. In essense, a Busytown book that focuses on concepts of sustainability or maybe even technology in general, where rapport can be continually fostered with analogous Lowly Worm type traditions.

I would soooo buy that book, if only because those kind of slides would rock in a slideshow. Anyway, check out the spreads below:

Ironic that one of more obvious graphic elements is the billowing smoke from the barbeque on the right… (click here for larger shot)