The most important thing I learned from a teacher. via@boingboing @maggiekb1 @stevesilberman

by David Ng

This paragraph about the unmeasured successes of what good teachers do is just about pitch perfect. The essays that the post refers are also well worth a look.

“The role that teachers play in influencing the lives of their students is something that’s been lost in current debates about education mandates and standardized testing. Teaching isn’t just about making sure kids can pass exams. It’s also about helping future adults find their gifts, discover their interests, and learn who they want to be. That’s a hard thing to quantify. You can’t really put together a concise list of “Children I’ve Inspired” for a CV. But this is the part of a teacher’s job that is the most lasting. What we remember about good teachers isn’t necessarily the dry facts they taught us, it’s the doors they opened, the curiosity they kindled, and the moments where they made us rethink everything.”

Via Boing Boing.