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I think I found the perfect set of images to depict the wonderful diverse nature of our sky and atmosphere.

These remarkable images are by Manuel Cosentino, and depict the same house, photographed from the same position at different times over a two year period.

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House


Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House


Behind a Little House

Via Colossal.

Mini magnetically floating cloud.


Kinetic sculpture. Plexiglas, Magnet, electro-magnetset, Cotton wool. 20x20x40

By Laurent Debraux, via Colossal.

An ingenious and very cool “hurricane house” from 1939

“New York architect Edwin Koch had a brainstorm in 1939 — he proposed a teardrop-shaped “hurricane house” that could rotate like a weather vane. “This amazing dwelling would revolve automatically to face into the oncoming storm, meeting it like the wing of an airplane and passing it smoothly around its curving sides toward its pointed tip,” explained Popular Science.”

Idea from Edwin Koch, text from Futility Closet.

Artistic patterns embeded snowy landscapes: a very pretty way to create albedo.

Who would have thought albedo could be so pretty?

“Artist Simon Beck creates amazing pieces of snow art by walking in the snow wearing raquettes (snowshoes). Each artwork is typically the size of three soccer fields and takes 2 days to complete. The Oxford-educated self-employed map maker typically walks for about 5 to 9 hours or until he gets too tired, using a headlamp if it gets dark first.”

By Simon Beck, via Amusing Planet.

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