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Seriously considering using this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon for a kindergarten session on the Scientific Method


Apart from the obvious, I wonder what kind of awesome, far out, crazy, but ultimately testable, hypotheses can one come up with?

This piece is called “Even the air and the water obey (the Laws of Thermodynamics). Part 1” #hotartcard

Thinking of entering my own art at the upcoming #hotartcard event. Although to be honest, I’m more of a “I only draw/paint because my walls look a bit empty, and I’m actually a scientist, so feel a little funny calling myself an artist” kind of artist.


Even the air and the water obey (the Laws of Thermodynamics). Part 1
(pastels and charcoal)

Science Comics: The Batman Versions




Sources: unknown (although presumably a Bat Cave somewhere…)

Here’s another song I wrote: This one is about climate change, the first law of thermodynamics, and the awesomeness of science.

I don’t know what it is about marking papers, but my brand of procrastination seems to lead to silly creative science pursuits.

And so, here is a song I quickly wrote and laid down some tracks last night. It’s kind of amazing what you can do with the average computer and a decent microphone these days. Hope you enjoy!

Listen, things are getting warmer
You can call it climate, climate that is changing
Simple in that science, science is the reason
We should take a stand, come up with a plan, listen to

It’s like this, living in a greenhouse
throwing in the air now, burning in the air now
warmer radiation, holding at the station
models add it up, heat is going up.

G A Dm G
Don’t you know It’s science, showing us the numbers
showing us a truth, something we can trust,
Something that we must take hold and move on forward


It’s like this, following the first law
Which is all to say that, that everything is bookkept
Counted and accounted. Following the heat
Following the work, following the state of things

Heat up, means it getting warmer
And with work a storming, moving air and water
Also changing states, melting ice to liquid
Averaging it out, causing thing to shout

Don’t you know…

Science: it’s not opinion, it’s not like fiction, and not religion. It’s rational, and looks at facts, mistakes are tracked, it looks at evidence.

Sound advice: Keep Calm and Follow the Laws of Thermodynamics

Not that you could disobey this or anything…

You can also buy this as a t-shirt.

A mundane tragedy is actually a great lesson in thermodynamics (or I’m such a geek)

First, show your audience this awesome strip:

Next, discuss the first law of thermodynamics, systems, dQ and all of that. Then, wait for the merriment to ensue.

By Rebecca Tobin

Here is a song I wrote about thermodynamics. Be nice…


Lyrics as follows:


First you have one
It says a ton
Basically saying that something can’t come from nothing

Gives you the sum, of things to and from, making it all – total up – all working out

I should have you all figured
With a law like this in mind
Listen to my reasoning
You should know by now

The thermodynamics of love.

Then you have two
Messing with you
Telling you life is a journey full of disorder
Giving off heat, ordinary feat, and telling you work a bit harder – figure it out.


ITS very simple
very rational
really excerptional
just universal

absolute zero
not moving on
stuck in a standstill
we’re not responsible.


Fox commentators apparently exempt from the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.

Here’s a choice quote from a “weather expert” on Fox TV.

“[Saying that CO2 could affect the climate] contradicts what we call the first law of thermodynamics: energy can never be created nor destroyed,” Bastardi said. “So, to look for an input of energy into the atmosphere you have to come from a foreign source.”

This is so wrong it is both funny and frightening, and Davide Castelvecchi over Scientific America does a great job outlining why.

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