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Similarities I Noticed Between George W. Bush and the Burning Bush


Natural disasters figure prominently for both.

In their own ways – doing their part to increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Neither necessarily follows international conventions

I gather, both on the same page with this stem cell business.

When they speak, it’s kind of surreal.

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(Originally published at Seed Magazine, December 2006)

A very funny stem cell cartoon from Bizarro


By Bizarro.

Brilliant witty banners, a few of which would make great visuals for discussions on developmental biology

You know, the whole marvelous thing about going from a single cell zygote to the fully formed little organism.

By Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen, via My Modern Met.

It’s a Lucky Thing for Stem-Cell Research that the Following Passages aren’t in the Bible.


The petri plate is the work of Satan. How does God know what a petri plate is in this ancient time before the advent of scientific achievement? It is because he’s God, which is really handy for that sort of thing.

Go forth my children and use the word “embryo” whenever you can. It is a very pleasant-sounding word—say it as often as possible. In fact, my children, try this: point to anything and everything and say, “That’s an embryo.”

Mary tells us, “When a sperm and an egg come together, it represents the ultimate act of compassion and love. Therefore, it is a grievous sin to do studies on this type of thing. Plus, it’s also kind of private.”

The Lord says that our precious hearts and minds represent flesh of enormous piety. They should never be regenerated, regardless of the circumstances. While we’re at it, we should also never regenerate eyebrows, nosehairs, or nipples — although the Lord figures that that is a given anyway.

For people who have had an accident and have lost the use of their legs, it is not the way of the Lord to try to fix this pain. Instead, God will tell them, “That’s too bad.” Then he will likely tell them a good joke to make them feel better.

And Jesus said, “Liquid nitrogen is evil. Once, while playing with it, I froze my finger solid and it actually broke off. Lucky for me I’m the Son of God, and I can just grow another one.”

I wrote this back in 2005, and originally published at McSweeney’s.

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