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Who will die in Game of Thrones? The statistical (seriously) analysis…

Note: if you’re unfamiliar with the series, there are many spoilers in the journal article.

ABSTRACT: Predictions are made for the number of chapters told from the point of view of each character in the next two novels in George R. R. Martin’s \emph{A Song of Ice and Fire} series by fitting a random effects model to a matrix of point-of-view chapters in the earlier novels using Bayesian methods. {{SPOILER WARNING: readers who have not read all five existing novels in the series should not read further, as major plot points will be spoiled.}}


By Richard Vale. From Arxiv.org. Pdf here.

How a statistician views the world.

From the always great Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

When Bar Graphs are Suspicious.

Via i.imgur.com.

Best statistics question ever!

Also categorized under “messing with your head.” Courtesy of Raymond Johnson.

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