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Phases of the moon (80’s videogame style)

By Mitra Farmand, via Hey Oscar Wilde!

I know this is childish, but I can’t help but find myself giggling (another Uranus headline).

From here. (Another classic can also be found here).

“That’s no moon.” Actually, it is a moon (despite the uncanny resemblance to the Death Star).

Basically, if I ever have my own top secret headquarters, it would have to be this…

…I wonder how much it would cost to install a laser system.

A photo of the moon Mimi, taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft while orbiting Saturn in 2005.

Today’s “Whoa…” A tornado on the Sun.

This footage was caught over a 30 hour period on February 7th and 8th.

…The tornado might be as large as the Earth itself and have gusts up to 300,000 miles per hour. By comparison, the strongest tornadoes on earth, F5 storms, clock wind speeds at a relatively paltry (though incredibly destructive) 300 mph.

Via NPR.

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