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Distorted forestry photographs take on a surreal feel

These are the sorts of images that would be perfect to segue into discussions around the environment and media spin.





By Laura Plageman, via Sweet Station.

Coolest light fixture ever! (It projects forest shadows on your bedroom wall)



From Hilden & Diaz, via Colossal.

Peter Donnelly’s beautiful woodblock art of tree related scenery

By Peter Donnelly.

This conceptual rainforest canopy structure is pretty incredible.

“Programmatically, the project is centred on scientific exploration and harvesting medicinal plants, which provides an alternative use of the forest without destroying it. At the same time, the positive occupation of the territory it enables could provide a level of surveillance that helps to protect both the endangered environment and the indigenous population.”

Concept by Yi Yvonne Weng.

Remarkable “Tree of Life” poster. Think I’m going to get one of these myself.

You can buy one too, by visiting here.

Clearcut pattern in Sweden looks like one giant tree. #amazing

Via McSweeneys.net.

This picture would suggest that it’s pretty rough out there for the average urban tree.

By Phil Jones.

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