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In which Jupiter wonders what the storm fuss is all about…


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When humanity disappears, a ring of dead spacecraft will remain as evidence of our existence.

Trevor Paglen – The Last Pictures from Creative Time on Vimeo.

“In September 2012, the television satellite EchoStar XVI will lift off from Kazakhstan with the disc attached to its anti-earth deck, enter a geostationary orbit, and proceed to broadcast over ten trillion images over its fifteen-year lifetime. When it nears the end of its useful life, EchoStar XVI will use the last of its fuel to enter a slightly higher “graveyard orbit,” where it will power down and die. While EchoStar XVI’s broadcast images are destined to be as fleeting as the light-speed radio waves they travel on, The Last Pictures will continue to slowly circle Earth until the Earth itself is no more.”

By Trevor Paglen.

Beautiful Photo of an Icelandic River Delta

By Haarberg Nature Photography.

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