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On coding love with html

html01 2


By Akihiro Mizuuchi, via Spoon & Tamago

This. Spot on visual commentary on our incessant need to stay connected via social media…

… but at what cost. Going outside to play some basketball now…


By Pawel Kuczynski, via My Modern Met.

Break time! Catch up on celebrity gossip! OMG it’s the New Scientific Method!

Some satire from yours truly. Sad that for some, it’s close to the truth.

“Make an observation.

Take a photo of it with your phone. Apply cool looking image filter, tweak with selective blurring, and then share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, etc.

Provide a trite but punchy comment that explains your observation. This is your hypothesis. OMG!”

Read on at McSweeney’s.

Beautiful carpet made from computer parts






By Federico Uribe, via Colossal.

In which Minecraft is used to create a working neuron. #whoa


Here is a close-up of the voltage-gated Sodium Channel…


By AllUpInHyuh. See details here (click – this is very cool).

Biodiversity caught on Google’s Street View #mesmerizing

There might not be a truer visual representation of our contemporary wired world than Jon Rafman’s web-based “9 Eyes” project, for which he culled the most bizarre, haunting, and stunning images frozen in Google’s “Street View” mapping project to create a truly amazing work of digital art that is both innately appealing and strangely, darkly poetic. (From Blouin Art Info)

From the 9 Eyes of Google Street View by Jon Rafman. Definitely click on the 9 Eyes links – some of the screen captures are quite haunting.

Deep fried Apple (Computer) products

For use in commentary where too much of a good thing (as in too much time spent on these devices) is maybe not so good after all?

By Henry Hargreaves.

Radiohead’s “O.K. Computer” in glorious 8 bit. #song4mixtape #whoa

Very cool… Plus, I can’t get Airbag out of my head now.

By Quinton Sung, and full track listing at the YouTube page. Bonus is that you can download the entire album as well. (There’s also Kid A treatment as well).

Technology cemetery. #artwork


By Kevin Van Aelst.

How Pac-Man has messed with our heads.

Via 8bit Future.

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