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T. Rex: always the fail in participation grades.


By Mark Parisi, via IFLS.

Interesting facts about Uranus. #funny


Artist unknown. Via IFLS.

BEST ANATOMY GIFT EVER. Eyeball Creature a la Lego.

Eye Creature from Invisible Creature on Vimeo.

By Invisible Creature

Pillow cases for sciencegeeks.





From Dirtsa Studio. Via Stacey Thinx

Felted Anatomy by Dan Beckemeyer



By Dan Beckemeyer, via Colossal.

I Have Your Heart: Wonderful papercraft animation.

Admittedly, the connection to “anatomy” is tenuous at best, but wow – this is beautiful animation (and a very catchy song)

An animation by Crabapple, Boekbinder, & Batt. Visit http://www.ihaveyourheart.com for more details & download the song here: http://bit.ly/ROwMQ7. Via @boingboing

Also worth checking out in full screen and in HD.

Surreal but amazing ceramic sculture of a set of lungs.


By Kate McDowell, via Colossal.

Sciencegeek Advent Calendar Extravaganza! – Day 5


Courtesy of Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson




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Sciencegeek Advent Calendar Extravaganza – Day 2


Psychological Reports [2005, 96(3 Pt 2):1022-1024]

 link to abstract | link to pdf

– – –


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Beautiful ink drawing of anatomy

By Alex Konahin, via Illusion.

This would be SO awesome: An amusement park ride masquerading as an anatomy lesson

An educational amusement apparatus forms a large building structure having an external appearance simulating a man and a woman resting partially under a blanket, wherein riders are taken through a succession of cavities that simulate internal organs of the man and woman. Entrance to a head chamber simulating an oral cavity is achieved by a stairway supported by a simulated arm of the man, the oral cavity having displays of teeth in normal and abnormal conditions, and serving as a staging area for a train to carry the riders. The train passes into a simulated cranial cavity of the woman, past a sectional display of simulated ear organs, and into a body portion of the building that is representative of the abdomen of both the man and the woman, first through a simulated esophagus, stomach, and intestine of an alimentary canal, through simulated urinary and reproductive tracts, then through a simulated liver and a simulated cardiovascular canal, and finally through a simulated lung and windpipe to an exit staging area of the building.

Proposed by Shao-Chun Chu in 1988. See here for patent documents (via Futility Closet)

On the subject of obesity: Michelangelo’s David re-imagined with today’s fast food culture

Whereby the original might look like this.

Available for sale at Toscano Design.

Underskin: Human anatomy as a London Tube Map.

By Sam Loman.

Wound Man: An illustration which first appeared in European surgical texts in the Middle Ages.

It laid out schematically the various wounds a person might suffer in battle or in accidents, often with surrounding or accompanying text stating treatments for the various injuries. It first appeared in print in Johannes de Ketham’s Fasciculus Medicinae (Venice, 1492) and was used often in surgical texts throughout the sixteenth century and even into the seventeenth century. (Wikipedia)

Via Stacey Thinx

Rubik Cube made of Brain.

Fully functional and created by Jason Freeny

Anatomical Model: Barbie Edition.

O.K. when are we going to get an anatomical Chewbacca (seriously)?

Model by Jason Freeny, via Colossal.

Fantasy Creature X-Rays (Or Are They?)

“Korean artist Wonman Kim, aka Curt Man, is a graphic designer and illustrator who recently held his first solo exhibition, titled Trinity, for his intriguing digital works. The colorful mix of puzzling images depict what appear to be x-ray scans of different animals. Although, these are no ordinary x-rays.”

Art by Wonman Kim.

Text via My Modern Met.

Wild 3D digital renditions of anatomical organs by Victoria Cartwright

By Victoria Cartwright.

This felt collage of X-ray and CT Scan equipment is pretty cool.

By Jacopo Rosati, via Flickr.

Paper birds – now with some internal anatomy #whoa

Once again, from the talented Diana Beltran Herrera, via Colossal.

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