That THX theme: “Deep Note,” the score and visual wav file

In case, you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out this link.

“The THX logo theme consists of 30 voices over seven measures, starting in a narrow range, 200 to 400 Hz, and slowly diverting to preselected pitches encompassing three octaves. The 30 voices begin at pitches between 200 Hz and 400 Hz and arrive at pre-selected pitches spanning three octaves by the fourth measure. The highest pitch is slightly detuned while there are double the number of voices of the lowest two pitches.” (From the US Trademark registration).

(via Futility Closet)

Beautiful chronophotographic images of birds in flight. #surreal

“Spanish photographer Xavi Bou (previously) tracks and records the flight patterns of birds, combining their repetitive movements into elongated shapes that twist through the sky for his series Ornitographies. The images are inspired by chronophotography, a Victorian era photography method that combined multiple images to create movement, and edited digitally in Photoshop.”

(Photos by Xavi Bou, via Colossal)

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