This. Spot on visual commentary on our incessant need to stay connected via social media…

… but at what cost. Going outside to play some basketball now…


By Pawel Kuczynski, via My Modern Met.

The Bear and the Hare. Beautiful 2D stop motion animation. #biodiversity

Wow… (also the Lily Allen Keane cover is pretty good)

By Adam&Eve/DDB. Via Colossal.

The Monkey and the Dolphin. Simultaneously bringing you feelings of awesomeness and huh?


Illustrated by Gustave Doré (1867). Via Fresh Photons.

What every writer (suffering from writer’s block) needs: The Scholar’s Shoulder Brace

Otherwise known as the “just finish your f***ing work” contraption. Version two includes a glass of Scotch.


Patented by Isidor Keller in 1884. Via Futility Closet

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