Cell as a Death Star like entity (with mini virus spaceship in the mix). Awesome science illustration by Glen McBeth

* I wonder if he’s illustrated a card game before… (We do have a Darwin themed deck to work on)


By Glen McBeth (also check out his awesome blog).

Large scale whale photos: epic and beautiful.






“Photographer and conservationist Bryant Austin captures some truly breathtaking shots of whales as a reminder of their beauty and existence in the vast oceans. The photographer manages to get full body shots of them, a feat that so few are able to achieve with such high quality, while revealing remarkable details of these aquatic mammoths. Browsing through his collection, one feels like they can actually reach out and touch the giant creatures, feeling the texture of their skin while examining the breadth of their bodies.”

By Bryant Austin. Text via My Modern Met.

Illustrations from vintage children’s book on magnets by Cynthia Amrine

magnets01 magnets03 magnets02

By Cynthia Amrine, via Fresh Photons (Can’t find attribution but would love to know who the artist is) Thanks to first4magnets.com for tracking down the artist!

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