Some words of advice from @Cmdr_Hadfield drawn by @zenpencils


Quote by Chris Hadfield, art by Gavin Aung Than.

In which Minecraft is used to create a working neuron. #whoa


Here is a close-up of the voltage-gated Sodium Channel…


By AllUpInHyuh. See details here (click – this is very cool).

Converting Pi to a 26 base (alphabet unit) numerical code equals monkeys typing randomly on typewriters!

Whoa, this is pretty cool…

“If π is expressed in base 26, then each of its digits can be associated with a letter of the alphabet (0=A, 1=B, … 25=Z). This produces an endless string of letters:


If the digits of π are truly random, then this string “emulates the mythical army of typing monkeys spewing out random letters,” writes Mike Keith. “Among other things, this implies that any text, no matter how long, should eventually appear in the base-26 digits of π.”

By Mike Keith – more here (text found via futility closet)

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