Turns out the petri plate makes for a very nice canvas.

Not technically microbial art (which would have been very very impressive), but still pretty cool nevertheless…


By Klari Reis, via NotCot.org

This Tyrannosaurus graphic is hilarious


Available at Redbubble, via IFLS.

How about a tea in the ribcage of a fully articulated 95-foot bowhead whale skeleton?


“In 1831 the skeleton of a 95-foot bowhead whale was displayed in a pavilion at Charing Cross, as part of a tour that had also touched Ostend and Paris. Visitors could ascend a flight of steps to a stage set within the ribcage, where they could sit at a table and write puns in the guest book. (“Why should we be mourned for if killed by the falling of the bones of the whale? We should be be-wailed.”)”

Text via Futility Closet.

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