The sun: it’s pretty and vaguely reminds me of SEM pictures of cellular things

Am I right?



By Alan Friedman, via Colossal

This counts as one of the most riveting videos I’ve ever seen #curiosity #watchitnow via @BenLillie

I bet those 7 minutes must have been terrifying. Oh, and science FTW!!!

Via @BenLillie

This is freaking brilliant. Jupiter Red Spot Embroidery.


By pardalote, via Thinx

Welcome Time Travellers! (or more evidence against time travel)

“I sat there a long time,” he said, “but no one came.”

These were words that Stephen Hawking uttered upon observing an apparent no show of time travellers to his “time traveler party.” This was held on June 28, 2009, although the event was only advertised after this date (of course). As well, this sort of counts as indirect evidence against time traveling in general…

Via Futility Closet

The Test Tube Chandelier #pretty



By Pani Jurek, via Colossal

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