Documentation of blackboard activity: a merging of mathematics and art







“Since 2010, Spanish artist Alejandro Guijarro has been traveling to several Quantum Mechanics institutions across the globe. He photographs their blackboards that are filled with the mathematical scribblings of some of the greatest minds in the world. The photographer walks into each facility’s lecture halls and proceeds to snap shots of the blackboards without modifying the board or interfering with the original arrangement of the space. The ongoing series titled Momentum presents an honest look at the intellectual scrawls, some of which have been wiped away.”

By Alejandro Guijarro. Text by My Modern Met, via Stacy Thinx.

Strapping a camera on a pigeon? Sounds about right.

“Photographing with birds is anything but a new idea. It was actually invented a little over a century ago, in 1907, by a German photography pioneer named Julius Neubronner.

Neubronner worked as an apothecary (i.e. an old-school independent pharmacist) and used carrier pigeons to rush deliver medications to clients. After one of his pigeons returned four weeks late, Neubronner came up with the wacky idea of sticking a camera onto his pigeons in order to glimpse into their activities.”

Text by Michael Zhang at Petapixel. There’s also a wikipedia entry on this topic.

Why not try a book?

By Dog House Diaries.

I’ve got to get myself a pocket mosquito bar.

Published in The Atlantic Monthly, 1884. Via Futility Closet.

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