On consumerism and our need for stuff. Yes, it could lead to Panda Dip.

Reminds me a little of the Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5 ruse. Man, are we a “just gotta have it, just gotta get it” society…

By Jonathan Rosenberg at Scenes From a Multiverse.

This cloud is pretty, interactive and made from 6000 light bulbs #whoa

“The piece is made from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains and an additional 5,000 made from donated burnt out lights donated by the public.”

Called CLOUD, and created by Caitlind r.c. Brown.

On the importance of meta-analysis and why bacon might make you live longer.

Love this, and sooo gonna use it in class to discuss the importance of meta-analysis (i.e. the reasons for a correlation aren’t always obvious, so you need to compare multiple studies which happen to provide insight into multiple variables).

From Abstruce Goose.

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