Check out some of the proofs for the Beaty Phylomon Deck!

Things over at the Phylomon site have been quiet of late, but that’s because folks have been working hard on the print version Beaty deck. They look gorgeous, and it won’t be too long before you can purchase your own set!

On a related note, if you’d like to get involved in the project, do come by this Facebook page – it’s about to ramp up a bit. The task? Design a game that looks at evolutionary biology concepts.

Game on!

Art Lindsay Chetek, Kyu HwangBrandy Masch, Kyle McQueen, Victoria Heryet , Derek Tan, and Alexandria Neonakis.

Online Beaty deck already available here.

Huge daddy long legs viewable and stunning from Space Needle.

“Seattle artist and science illustrator Marlin Peterson was recently commissioned by the Washington State Artist Trust to paint a mural somewhere in the city. After searching unsuccessfully for a suitably large wall, Peterson got the idea to look for a large roof, and where would a painting on a roof be more visiable than right underneath the Seattle Space Needle.” (Text from Colossal)

By Marlin Peterson, via Colossal.

Formaldehyde versus Casualdehyde #chemistry #funny

Now, I will never forget the structure…


What are the general features of photosynthesis? #funny

By mirko92.

O.K. rate the validity of this: There are only three reasons why a man carries flowers.

I’m seeing this as a potential visual to talk about obvious and non-obvious facets of making claims, generating hypoetheses, and things you can do to test them.

By dont fret, via Hey Oscar Wilde!

Lovely precise science-y art by James Boast.

By James Boast, via Fresh Photons.

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