This space exploration themed animation is mesmerizing to watch.

By Théo GUIGNARD, Nöé LECOMBRE, Hugo MORENO from GOBELINS, l’école de l’image. Note that that link is generally good for some great procrastinating (esp. if you admire great animation).

Via Drawn

Rubik Cube made of Brain.

Fully functional and created by Jason Freeny

Anatomical Model: Barbie Edition.

O.K. when are we going to get an anatomical Chewbacca (seriously)?

Model by Jason Freeny, via Colossal.

Fantasy Creature X-Rays (Or Are They?)

“Korean artist Wonman Kim, aka Curt Man, is a graphic designer and illustrator who recently held his first solo exhibition, titled Trinity, for his intriguing digital works. The colorful mix of puzzling images depict what appear to be x-ray scans of different animals. Although, these are no ordinary x-rays.”

Art by Wonman Kim.

Text via My Modern Met.

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