Vintage ads where the science is very wrong (or just looks wrong)

From Collector’s Weekly, via Boing Boing.

Gorgeous infographic of space exploration.

Click on the image for full size

Here’s a close up of the trips to our moon and two closest neighbours

From http://www.infographicsonly.com

This is what a paper engineer can do with a bit of mathematics. #beautiful

“Matthew Shlian works within the increasingly nebulous space between art and engineering. As a paper engineer, Shlian’s work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, though he frequently finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers who are just now recognizing the practical connections between paper folding and folding at microscopic and nanoscopic scales.” (From Ghostly International)

By Matthew Shlian, via Colossal.

NASA versus AT&T: You be the judge.

From DogHouseDiaries.

Wild 3D digital renditions of anatomical organs by Victoria Cartwright

By Victoria Cartwright.

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