Moore’s Law states that every two years, we double the amount of time we waste on computers.

By Fake Science.

I bet we could go explore the galaxy if we could stop being dicks for like five minutes.

All over the internet, via Imgur.

These black and white creature faces need to be on a tshirt.

By Patrick Seymour, via Behance.

Beautiful biodiversity illustrations by Becca Stadtlander


By Becca Stadtlander, via Illusion.

Gorgeous paper cut topography

I want one for Vancouver, or one on the arctic would also be cool (especially for climate change discussions).

By Marnie Karger, also available for sale.

On a lark, astronomers call themselves astrologers for a day. #funny

By Mark Heath at NoBrow Cartoons.

“Scientists do it repeatedly” bumper sticker

From Blah3, via Fresh Photons.

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