Happy Birthday! Nikola Tesla turns 156.

Lovely art by Alvaro Tapia, via Hey Oscar Wilde!

More from Tesla’s wikipedia page here.

Awesome, and of note, on this site:

Tesla letterhead.

Tesla: Kick ass edition.

Artwork of beautiful (though impossible) radiation absorption patterns (a.k.a cool shadows).

At least, I’m pretty sure it would be impossible. Would make a lovely graphic (I think) when discussing electromagnetic radiation, particularly those relating to visible range and absorption concepts.

By Jason Ratliff, via The Visual News.

A lovely timeline of theory and discovery of things concerning the Standard Model of particle physics

From the Economist.

Here’s one way to adapt to climate change: Build underground ski resorts.

“In order to simulate actual outdoor skiing conditions, provisions are made to vary the steepness of the slope from place to place. In addition, facilities are provided to produce random simulated moguls or an entire mogul field. Thus, during one run of the slope, most, if not all, of the conditions encountered on natural outdoor slopes may be simulated and incorporated into the run”

By Nobuyuki Matsui, via Google Patents, via Futility Closet.

Tree Leaning. Better than planking?

By Paul Octavious, via Colossal

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