Lonesome George, never again. O.K. This made me tear up a little…

By 9gag.com, and in reference to Lonesome George’s recent passing.

When you use Pi to create art, these are the types of incredible images you might get.

First, this:

“It’s fitting to use Circos to visualize the digits of π. After all, what is more round than Circos? By mapping the digits onto a red-yellow-blue Brewer palette (0  9) and placing them as circles on an Archimedean spiral a dense and pleasant layout can be obtained.”

And this is what you get with 3422, 13,689, and 123,201 digits.

By Martin Krzywinski.More at his site.

If you love creative use of shapes, then you’ll love Geometry Daily

Seriously… Go visit Geometry Daily.

Cloning dinosaurs is bad for the kids.

Although it looks lovely as an illustration.

By Brandon James Scott.

I LOVE this. Attempted Murder (ornithology wordplay)

In case, you’re not sure what’s so funny about this. Read this (it’s called a murder of crows).

I miss being a tree

From failblog.com

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