Postage stamps from Uranus, Venus, and Pluto

This are from a set of Canadian Cinderella Stamps.

From Wackystuff.

History of the bicycle in Chinese Matchbox labels.

(Click on image for higher resolution)

From Wackystuff

Bird art made from maps.

(Click on images for larger version – recommended for proper effect)

By Jason LaFerrera.

Welcome Image Awards 2012: Isn’t this moth beautiful?

Definitely worth taking a look. The one below is my favourite.

“This false-coloured scanning electron micrograph shows a moth fly (Psychodidae), also known as a drain fly. As its name suggests, the fly’s larvae commonly live and grow in domestic drains; the adult fly emerges near sinks, baths and lavatories. The moth flies’ bodies and wings are covered in hairs, which gives them a ‘fuzzy’, moth-like appearance. The fly is 4-5 mm long, and each eye is approximately 100 microns wide.”

By Kevin MacKenzie.

Coral Reef Deck for Phylomon Project now available as a free pdf download.

Sponsored by the fine folks over at the World Science Festival, I must say that this deck looks awesome! Go here for details on the deck (with links to the printable deck pdf), and also keep an eye out for the print-version Beaty Museum Deck which should soon be coming out in the next few months.

(And, if you’re in Vancouver, come out to a Phylo art exhibit and “learn to play” event at the HIVEfacebook page).

For now, check out some of the art for the Coral Deck cards below:

Art above by Joe Kloc, Emilie Clark, and Nadir Balan. From the Phylo Project.

You know that’s not how genetics works, right?

I wish I had this comic for my genomics 101 workshop!

By Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Batman physics (although without friction coefficients).

By Shahed Syed.

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