Photos of invisible bicycles.

No sign of Wonder Woman though…

“If you look closely, you’ll notice a pretty key element is missing from these photographs! China-born photographer Zhao Huasen created this fun collection of images where bicyclists float along city streets, pedaling and steering invisible bikes. For the project, entitled Floating, the artist captured hundreds of cyclists going about their every day lives and he then digitally removed the bicycles from the images. The bicycle seats, position of the riders, and the shadows on the streets remain intact, allowing viewers to easily fill in the gaps and understand the story.”

By Zhao Huasen, text from

The Last Resort by Slinkachu: great visuals for sea level discussions

Maybe a stretch, but these are cool nevertheless…

By Slinkachu, via Colossal.

Great scientific hazard warning signs from video game.

From the video game Portal, via Imgur.

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