If Leonardo Da Vinci were to sketch CERN’s Large Hadron Collider…

… You’d get this:

By Sergio Cittolin (CERN research physicist), via Kottke.

When dinosaurs adapt (or maybe more of a Voltron dinosaur thing). Either way, it’s awesome.

I love this picture. I also have it as an art card from Carded!

By Tony Cliff, via drawn.ca

Feynman nicely distills the essence of science

Robert Krulwich over at NPR highlights this lovely video where Feynman succinctly describes science.

Even better, is the commentary that Robert adds. It’s so lovely that I have to show you a little:

“Science is our way of describing — as best we can — how the world works. The world, it is presumed, works perfectly well without us. Our thinking about it makes no important difference. It is out there, being the world. We are locked in, busy in our minds. And when our minds make a guess about what’s happening out there, if we put our guess to the test, and we don’t get the results we expect, as Feynman says, there can be only one conclusion: we’re wrong.”

But do read the whole thing over at his blog. It’s awesome.

(@mwand, thanks for the link!)

Pythagorean Theorem Redux.

From Fake Science.

Beautiful Photo of an Icelandic River Delta

By Haarberg Nature Photography.

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