Josh Keyes’ Amazing and Surreal Biodiversity Paintings.

See more at Josh’s wesbite.

Beautiful White Sea Coral art made from tiny holes. #pretty

By Anatoly Vorobyev (and available at Etsy).

Protozoa Pancakes! #sciencepancake No. 3

O.K. Last one…

From Saipancakes.

Anatomical Pancakes! #sciencepancake No. 2

From Saipancakes.

Fractal Pancakes! #sciencepancake No.1

From Saipancakes.

A mundane tragedy is actually a great lesson in thermodynamics (or I’m such a geek)

First, show your audience this awesome strip:

Next, discuss the first law of thermodynamics, systems, dQ and all of that. Then, wait for the merriment to ensue.

By Rebecca Tobin

Unscientific Anatomy of Sea Life #funny

By Pleated-Jeans (also lots more at the link), via Greg Bole.

Wonders of Evolution: The Newly Discovered “Sporked-Tongued” Lizard of South Eastern England

By Gemma Correll.

If Maurice Sendak had drawn the Avengers.

This is so lovely, I had to include it at Popperfont. The trick, of course, is to see if we can work this into a science lecture. Prelude to taxonomy (Hulk is so different)? Human evolution, or manipulation (the super human thing). Any other ideas?

(Click for larger version)

By Hannah Friederichs, via DeviantArt.

Chew-Bach-A: Yes, the internet speaks in strange ways again.

You just knew that the Wookies would make good organists. Too bad, Bach was not much of an operatic composer. A wookie opera would be something else…

Unknown source – as in all over the web.

Where Rap Music and Discrete Mathematics meet.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, via Fresh Photons.

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