There’s a nice visual connect here between the path of an ice breaker and the effluent of a rocketship.

Re-Edit: Whoa – just realized, the boat picture isn’t an oil spill, but rather the path of an ice-breaker (even cooler)

Called “Beyond the Limits”, the effect you see here is pretty cool, although not really sure how these pieces might be used in a science lecture. Possibly to do with carbon? (oil, exhaust, etc).

By Marko Manev at Behance.

“Pilot Evolution” the cartoon. #awesome

From Boolab.

This pun about lab safety is so for the dogs.

Cue in the groaning…

From lifewiththedogs.blogspot.ca.

Beautiful vintage photos of the Dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History

Via the American Museum of Natural History Research Library.

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