Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

Great turn of phrase.

Not sure on the validity of the numbers (haven’t check the papers involved), but I am certain that the scope of homosexuality in the animal kingdom is fairly wide and the sentiment of this statement is spot on – although nevermind it also being enlightening and really a sad commentary on our own species.

See this wiki entry for details on this, as well as this comprehensive list of species.

Amazing video of the Yosemite Range #whoa

Yesterday, I passed on a link of an epic and breathtaking space video. Now, take a look at how pretty our own planet can be. Best viewed in HD in full screen.

By Shawn Reeder.

A beautiful beautiful drawing of birds in a tree.

So lovely…

By Matthew Forsythe.

If Extraterrestrials Are Watching Our TV Signals, This Is What They Are Currently Seeing

(Click on image for high res version)

During the first 4.5 billion years nothing but silence has emanated from our planet on the cosmic radio dial. Then, during the past 100 years Earth started broadcasting radio and TV signals which have leaked off our planet and out into space. If there is an advanced civilization within 100 light years of Earth (as the radio and TV waves travel at the speed of light) listening for messages, they could hear our first broadcasts. They might think we are still in World War 1 or 2. It makes you wonder what impression this would give them of our race. If they were on the ball and sent out a reply to us, depending on their distance from us, it would take up to 100 years for their reply to reach us.

Via Flixxy.com.

Who needs Pokemon when you have creatures like this? Acraga coa

Technically known as Acraga coa, and first characterized by William Schaus in 1892. I can only imagine him stumbling upon one of these – I wonder what the vernacular of the day was for “Holy Sh*t!”

As well, this is the cristal stage before it grows up to be a moth. Which, apparently, means it will one day look like this:

Caterpillar image via Project Noah. Moth image by David Brownwell, via Whatisthatbug. Also via boingboing.net.

Where are you from? (Or how to tell if someone is in academia).

Sad but true.

By PHD Comics.

The “Have to Pee” versus “Have to Sneeze” Graph.

Via Imgur.

A is for Astronaut, C is for Chemist

Only the letters A, B, and C have been released at the Tiny Alphabet site, but so far, two science-y ones out of three isn’t bad.

By Tini Malitius.

RIP Maurice Sendak

This last picture is from a book that my kids used to LOVE. Called “A Very Special House,” it was very special indeed. Would quite often pass it on as a house warming gift.

RIP Maurice Sendak.

Neil deGrasse Tyson quote (in graphic novel form)

By Gavin Aung Than at Zen Pencils.

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