My business card is actually a microscope slide. #geekcool

This is very cool.

To promote their viral marketing efforts, Italian advertising agency Enfants Terribles (aka Ebolaindustries) created these microscope slide business cards. Ebolaindustries employees operate under pseudonyms, but their real names are printed on the slides in 1.6 point type—so small the names can only be read with a microscope.

By Enfant Terribles, via Laughing Squid.

This is my favourite metaphorical phrase to describe people who do not think rationally. What’s yours?

In which:

“The wheel is running, but there is, apparently, no hamster.”

Einstein Time Quote on a lovely poster (Great typography).

By Melissa Alaverdy , available at Etsy.

Science posters by Christian Petersen

By Christian Petersen, via io9.

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