A graphic about realists, but for me a query on which is the most testable hypothesis? Plus, it’s very funny.

Via Imgur.

Water water everywhere. Great children’s book image on the subject of water.

This is great.

(Click on image for larger version)

And this is also an image that seems appropriate when choosing to speak about water generally – it might, for instance, be a good prelude to discussions ranging from sea levels to water consumption.

Anyway, I’m generally pretty enamored with Satoshi Kitamura‘s work. This particular image comes from a great little book called Captain Toby, where a little boy in his house gets caught in a wind storm and then with the house swaying, starts to dream about his house being a boat, being caught in the ocean, and even at one point, duking it out with a giant squid. Anyway, lovely stuff.

Linnaean discography. What if bands like U2 used proper taxonomic names?

Originally at the SCQ. By Timon Buys.

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