I find it wonderfully amusing that Marie Curie’s papers are still radioactive.

Many library collections use special equipment, such as special gloves and climate-controlled rooms, to protect the archival materials from the visitor. For the Pierre and Marie Curie collection at France’s Bibliotheque National, it’s the other way around.

That’s because after more than 100 years, much of Marie Curie’s stuff – her papers, her furniture, even her cookbooks – are still radioactive. Those who wish to open the lead-lined boxes containing her manuscripts must do so in protective clothing, and only after signing a waiver of liability.


Via Christian Science Monitor. Image from Wiki.

Animals on bikes. That is all.

See more by Ines Sanchez Nadal via Hey Oscar Wilde!

Another beautiful illustration by Andrea Kalfas. This one with DNA!

By Andrea Kalfas.

I wish this kind of natural history reverence was seen in every kid in the world. #picturenailsit

Really I do. Also… this picture is awesome.

From the talented Andrea Kalfas.

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