Amazing image of a huge movable mass of fish.


Since submarines began roaming the depths in World War I, sailors and oceanographers, who use sonar technology to map seafloor topography and identify ocean life, have regularly run into “acoustic ghosts”—inexplicable bodies of movable mass that sometimes rivaled the size of a city—writes ocean engineering professor Nicholas Makris in IEEE Spectrum(Aug. 2011). Affectionately called UFOs (unidentified floating objects), these sonar readings were blamed on factors as various as deep-ocean mountains and changes in water temperature. Every time a theory emerged to explain the phenomenon, however, it was quickly shot down.

In 2003 Makris and fellow scientists aboard a research vessel just south of Long Island, New York, discovered that the UFOs were composed of hundreds of millions of fish—massive gatherings on a scale never before documented.

Image by Wayne Levin. Article at UTNE.

This kind of art would be awesome for the Phylo Project!

Specifically, this stuff by Chris Sasaki. Chris if you’re reading, check out the Phylo project – a Pixar-ish deck would be very very cool.

The effects of music on plant growth and health: The Bob Dylan versus Neil Young experiment.

That would be exposure to Neil Young on the right. Curious to see what would happen if a plant was exposed to Justin Bieber… (This image might be fun for a botany or music/neuroscience related slide).

Art piece by Tony Romano, 2007.

Here’s looking at Euclid. #mathpun

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